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Henry II (5 Mairch 1133 – 6 Julie 1189), an aa kent as Henry Curtmantle (French: Court-manteau), Henry FitzEmpress or Henry Plantagenet, ruled as Coont o Anjou, Coont o Maine, Duke o Normandy, Duke o Aquitaine, Coont o Nantes, Keeng o Ingland (1154–89) an Laird o Ireland; at various times, he an aa controlled Wales, Scotland an Brittany.

Henry II
Church of Fontevraud Abbey Henry II effigy.jpg
Detail from Henry's effigy in Fontevrault Abbey, Normandy
Keeng o Ingland (mair...)
Ring 19 December 1154 – 6 Julie 1189
Coronation 19 December 1154
Predecessor Stephen
Successor Richard I
Junior keeng Henry the Young Keeng
Born 5 Mairch 1133(1133-03-05)
Le Mans, Fraunce
Dee'd 6 Julie 1189(1189-07-06) (aged 56)
Chinon Castle, Fraunce
Buirial Fontevraud Abbey, Fraunce
Spouse Eleanor o Aquitaine
Hoose Hoose o Plantagenet / Angevin[nb 1]
Faither Geoffrey Plantagenet, Coont o Anjou
Mither Empress Matilda


  1. Historians are dividit in thair uise o the terms "Plantagenet" an "Angevin" in regairds tae Henry II an his sons. Some class Henry II tae be the first Plantagenet Keeng o Ingland; ithers refer tae Henry, Richard an John as the Angevin dynasty, an consider Henry III tae be the first Plantagenet ruler.[1]


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