Henri o Lorraine, Coont o Harcourt

Henri o Lorraine, Coont o Harcourt (20 Mairch 1601 - 25 Julie 1666) wis a French nobleman. He was Coont o Harcourt, Coont o Armagnac, an o Brionne an Viscoont o Marsan. He wis the younger son o Charles o Lorraine, Duke o Elbeuf an his wife Marguerite Chabot. His wis the faither o Philippe, "Chevalier o Lorraine" the famous lover o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans (Louis XIV's only brither) Through his son the Coont o Armagnac, Henri is an ancestor o the present Prince Albert II o Monaco.

Henri o Lorraine
Coont o Harcourt
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Born20 Mairch 1601(1601-03-20)
Dee'd25 Julie 1666(1666-07-25) (aged 65)
Aibey o Royaumont, Asnières-sur-Oise
BuiriedKirk o Saunt Roch, Paris
Noble faimilyLorraine (Guise branch)
Spoose(s)Marguerite Philippe du Cambout
Armande Henriette, abbess
Louis, Coont o Armagnac
Philippe, "Chevalier o Lorraine"
Alfonse Louis, abbot
Raimond Bérenger, abbot
Charles, Coont o Marsan
FaitherCharles o Lorraine, Duke o Elbeuf
MitherMarguerite Chabot
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He mairit Marguerite Philippe du Cambout (1622–74) in Februar 1639 an haed issue.


  1. Armande Henriette o Lorraine (1640–1684), abbess o Soissons.
  2. Louis o Lorraine, Coont o Armagnac (7 December 1641 – 13 Juin 1718) mairit Catherine de Neufville an haed issue.
  3. Philippe o Lorraine, "Chevalier de Lorraine" (1643 – 8 December 1702) never mairit but haed issue. Lover o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans.
  1. Alfonse Louis o Lorraine (1644–1689), abbot o Royaumont, cried the "Chevalier d'Harcourt".
  2. Raimond Bérenger o Lorraine (1647–1686), abbot o Faron o Meaux.
  3. Charles o Lorraine, Coont o Marsan mairit Thérèse Goyon an haed issue.

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