Henri de Bourbon, Duke o Verneuil

Henri de Bourbon, Duke o Verneuil (Gaston Henri; 3 November 1601 – 28 May 1682) wis an illigeitimate son o Henry IV o Fraunce an his mistress Henriette de alzac. His faither legitimised him in 1603 an he wis made a Knicht o the Haly Spirit on 31 December 1661 then the Duke o Verneuil an Peer o Fraunce in 1663. In 1665, he wis made an ambassador tae Ingland then in 1666 he wis created the govenor o Languedoc. Some o his legitimate siblings included Louis XIII o Fraunce mairit Anne o Austrick an Elisabeth o Fraunce wife o Philip IV o Spain. César de Bourbon, Duke o Vendôme wis his half sibling.

Henri de Bourbon
Duke o Verneuil
Image o Henri while bishop o Metz.
Born3 November 1601
Dee'd28 May 1682 (aged 81)
Château de Verneuil, Fraunce
SpouseCharlotte Séguier
Full name
Gaston Henri de Bourbon, Legitimé de France
FaitherHenry IV o Fraunce
MitherCatherine Henriette de Balzac
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Arms of Henri de Verneuil.svg


On 29 October 1668 he mairit Charlotte Séguier (1622-1704), dochter o chancellor Pierre Séguier an widow o Maximilien de Béthune, Duke o Sully.

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