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The Olympiastadion (Finnish: Helsingin Olympiastadion; Swadish: Helsingfors Olympiastadion), locatit in the Töölö destrict aboot 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) frae the centre o the Finnish caipital Helsinki, is the lairgest stadium in the kintra, nowadays mainly uised for hostin sports events an big concerts.

Helsingin olympiastadion
Helsingfors Olympiastadion
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Location Helsinki, Finland
Coordinates 60°11′13″N 024°55′38″E / 60.18694°N 24.92722°E / 60.18694; 24.92722Coordinates: 60°11′13″N 024°55′38″E / 60.18694°N 24.92722°E / 60.18694; 24.92722
Awner Stadion-säätiö
Capacity 42,062
Surface Grass
Brak grund 1934
Appent 1938
Renovatit 2005 an 2015
Closed 2015 for renovation wirks
Airchitect Yrjö Lindegren an Toivo Jäntti

Finland naitional fitbaw team
1952 Simmer Olympics
1983 Warld Championships in Athletics
2005 Warld Championships in Athletics

UEFA Weemen's Euro 2009 (4 Group matches an a Final )