Help! is the fift studio album bi Inglis rock group the Beatles, an the soondtrack frae thair film Help! Produced bi George Martin, it conteens fowerteen sangs in its oreeginal Breetish form.

The Beatles, staundin in a row an wearin blue jackets, wi thair airms poseetioned as if tae spell oot a wird in banner semaphore
Studio album / soondtrack by The Beatles
Released6 August 1965 (UK)
13 August 1965 (US)
Recordit15 Februar – 17 Juin 1965[1]
StudioEMI Studios, Lunnon
ProducerGeorge Martin
The Beatles chronology
Beatles for Sale
(1964)Beatles for Sale1964
Rubber Soul
(1965)Rubber Soul1965
Singles frae Help!
  1. "Ticket to Ride"
    Released: 9 Aprile 1965
  2. "Help!"
    Released: 19 Julie 1965
Profeesional ratins
Review scores
Springheid Ratin
AllMusic 5/5 stars[5]
The A.V. Club A[6]
Chicago Sun-Times 4/4 stars[7]
Consequence of Sound B[8]
The Daily Telegraph 4/5 stars[9]
Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5/5 stars[10]
MusicHound 3.5/5[11]
Paste 100/100[12]
Pitchfork Media 9.2/10[13]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 5/5 stars[14]


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