Hellenic Airmed Forces

The Hellenic Airmed Forces (Greek: Eλληνικές Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις, Ellinikés Énoples Dynámis) are combinit military forces o Greece. They conseest o the Hellenic Naitional Defense General Staff, the Hellenic Airmy, the Hellenic Navy, the Hellenic Air Force, an the Hellenic Coast Gaird.

Hellenic Airmed Forces
Eλληνικές Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις
Coat of arms of Greece (military).svg
Service branchesHellenic Airmy Hellenic Airmy
Hellenic Navy Hellenic Navy
Hellenic Air Force Hellenic Air Force
Hellenic Coast Guard Hellenic Coast Gaird
HeidquartersGreece Athens, Greece
President of GreeceProkopis Pavlopoulos
Meenister o Naitional DefensePanos Kammenos
Chief of the General StaffAdmiral Evangelos Apostolakis
Militar age19 years of age
Conscription9 months for all men, 12 for the Navy and Air Force
Available for
militar service
2,535,174 males, age 15–49 (2008 est.[3]),
2,517,273 females, age 15–49 (2008 est.[3])
Fit for
militar service
2,084,469 males, age 15–49 (2008 est.[3]),
2,065,956 females, age 15–49 (2008 est.[3])
Reachin militar
age annually
53,858 males (2008 est.[3]),
50,488 females (2008 est.[3])
Active personnelnominal strength: 134,000[1]
actual strength: 113,517(2014)[2]
  • militar: 113,517
  • ceevilian: 7,357
Budget€4,001 million (2014)[4]
Percent o GDP2,23% (2014)
Domestic suppliersELBO, EAS (EBO, Pyrkal), Miltech, KEA, EAB, Theon, Sunlight, IDE, Elfon, HDVS, Elmon, Apella, Metka, VEMEKEP, BOSA, SIELMAN, Akmon, ISI, Valpak, Thales, Prisma, SSMART, TELETEL, Barracuda, Motomarine, Elefsis Shipyards, Neorion, GAL, Axon, Spider, Vipon, TEMMA, Grantex, Kampakas, Kouimtzis Group, Hellenic Shipyards Co., Kioleides, EODH, BSK Defense, OMI Ordtech, HAT
Foreign suppliers
Relatit airticles
RanksGreek military ranks

The ceevilian authority for thr Greek meelitary is the Meenistry o Naitional Defence