Hausa (Yaren Hausa or Harshen Hausa) is the Chadic leid (a branch o the Afroasiatic leid faimily) wi the lairgest nummer o speakers, spoken as a first leid bi aboot 35 million fowk, an as a seicont leid bi millions mair in Nigerie, and millions mair in ither kintras, for a tot o at least 41 million speakers.[4]

Harshen Hausa هَرْشَن هَوْسَ‎
Native taeNiger, Nigerie, Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Togo
Regionathort the Sahel as a leid o trade
Native speakers
34 million (2007)[1]
15 million as a seicont leid in Nigerie (no date);[2] millions mair elsewhaur
Latin (Boko alphabet)
Arabic (ajami)
Hausa Braille
Leid codes
ISO 639-1ha
ISO 639-2hau
ISO 639-3hau
Hausa language map.png
Auries o Niger an Nigerie whaur Hausa is spoken
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