A 1759 cairt enteetled The Haly Laund shawin nae anerly the Auncient Kinricks o Judah an Israel in which the 12 Tribes hae been distinguished, but an aa thair placement in different periods as indicatit in the Haly Scripturs bi Tobias Conrad Lotter

The Haly Laund (Ebreu: אֶרֶץ הַקוֹדֵשׁ Eretz HaKodesh, Laitin: Terra Sancta; Arabic: الأرض المقدسة Al-Arḍ Al-Muqaddasah) is an aurie roughly locatit atween the Jordan River an the Mediterranean Sea that an aa includes the Eastren Bank o the Jordan River. Tradeetionally, it is synonymous wi baith the biblical Laund o Israel an historical Palestine.