Halmahera (an aa kent as Jailolo or Gilolo) is the lairgest island in the Maluku Islands. It is pairt o the North Maluku province o Indonesie an Sofifi, the caipital o the province, is locatit on the wast coast o the island.

LocationSooth East Asie
Coordinates0°36′N 127°52′E / 0.600°N 127.867°E / 0.600; 127.867
AirchipelagaeMaluku Islands
Aurie17,780 km2 (6,860 sq mi)
Aurie rank51st
Heichest elevation1,635 m (5,364 ft)
Heichest pointMunt Gamkonora
Population449938 (2010)
Pop. density25.3 /km2 (65.5 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsTobelo, Galela, Sahu, Waioli, Modole, Pagu, Kao Islam, Sawai, Gane, Buli, Maba, Loloda, Tabaru, Patani, Bicoli. Signeeficant migrant groups include Sangir, Ternate, Tidore, Makian, an Javanese.

Halmahera haes a land aurie o 17,780 km² (6,865 sq mi) an a population in 1995 o 162,728, it haes increased tae 449,938 for the island itself (excludin the tip which is considered Joronga Islands, but includin Gebe an Ju islands) an 667,161 for the island group. (including aw o Halmahera Selatan an Tidore but nae Ternate).[1][2] Approximately hauf o the island's indwallers are Muslim an hauf are Christian.