Haemoglobin, abbreviatit Hb or Hgb, is the airn-containin oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the reid bluid cells o aw vertebrates[1] (wi the exception o the fish faimily Channichthyidae[2]) as well as the tissues o some invertebrates.

(heterotetramer, (αβ)2)
1GZX Haemoglobin.png
Structur o human haemoglobin. The proteins α an β subunits are in reid an blue, an the airn-containin haem groups in green. From PDB: 1GZX  Proteopedia Hemoglobin
Protein teep metalloprotein, globulin
Function oxygen-transport
Cofactor(s) haem (4)
Gene Chromosomal
Hb-α1 HBA1 Chr. 16 p13.3
Hb-α2 HBA2 Chr. 16 p13.3
Hb-β HBB Chr. 11 p15.5


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