Drachma (Greek: δραχμή Modren Greek: [ðraxˈmi], Auncient Greek: [drakʰmέː];[n 1] pl. drachmae or drachmas) wis the currency used in Greece during several periods in its history:

  1. An auncient Greek currency unit issued bi mony Greek ceety states during a period o ten centuries, frae the Airchaic period ootthrou the Clessical period, the Hellenistic period up tae the Roman period unner Greek Imperial Coinage.
  2. Three modren Greek currencies, the first introduced in 1832 an the last replaced bi the euro in 2001 (at the rate o 340.75 drachma tae the euro). The euro did nae begin circulatin till 2002 but the exchynge rate wis fixed on 19 Juin 2000, wi legal introduction o the euro takkin place in Januar 2002.


  1. [draːkʰmέː] is an aa made up.[1]