Glasite Meeting House, Perth, Scotland

The Glasites or Glassites war a smaw Christian kirk foondit in aboot 1730 in Scotland bi John Glas.[1][2]


  1. John Glas preached supremacy o God's wird (Bible) ower allegiance tae Kirk an state tae his congregation in Tealing near Dundee in Julie 1725. Glas conteena'd tae preach his veesion ower the next five years. The General Assemmly's response tae Glas's publication o Testimony of the king of martyrs concerning his kingdom (1727) wis tae depose him in October 1728. The Kirk's deposeetion wis enactit on 12 Mairch 1730. See pages 19-21 o Geoffrey Cantor (1991).
  2. See page 75 o Hiram Van Kirk's doctoral dissertation (1907).