Gilbert N. Lewis

Gilbert Newton Lewis ForMemRS[1] (October 23, 1875 – Mairch 23, 1946)[2] wis an American pheesical chemist kent for the discovery o the covalent bond an his concept o electron pairs; his Lewis dot structurs an ither contreibutions tae valence bond theory hae shaped modren theories o chemical bondin.

Gilbert N. Lewis
Gilbert N Lewis.jpg
Born28 October 1875(1875-10-28)
Weymouth, Massachusetts
Died23 Mairch 1946(1946-03-23) (aged 70)
Berkeley, Californie
Kent forCovalent bond
Lewis dot structurs
Valence bond theory
Electronic theory o acids an bases
Chemical thermodynamics
Hivy watter
Named photon
Explained phosphorescence
AwairdsFellae o the Ryal Society[1]
Willard Gibbs Awaird (1924)
Davy Medal (1929)
Scientific career
FieldsPheesical chemist
Doctoral advisorTheodore William Richards
Doctoral studentsMichael Kasha
Harold Urey
Glenn T. Seaborg
Joseph Edward Mayer
InfluencesIrving Langmuir
Merle Randall


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