Georgi Plekhanov

Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (Roushie: Гео́ргий Валенти́нович Плеха́нов; 29 November 1856 – 30 May 1918) wis a Roushie revolutionary an a Marxist theoreteecian. He wis a foonder o the social-democratic muivement in Roushie an wis ane o the first Roushies tae identify himsel as "Marxist." Facin poleetical persecution, Plekhanov emigratit tae Swisserland in 1880, whaur he continued in his poleetical activity attemptin tae owerthrow the Tsarist regime in Roushie. In Warld War I Plekhanov rallied tae the cause o the Entente pouers against Germany an he returned hame tae Russia follaein the 1917 Februar Revolution. Awtho he supportit the Bolshevik faction at the 2nt Congress o the Roushie Social Democratic Labour Pairty in 1903, Plekhanov suin rejectit the idea o democratic centralism, an acame ane o Lenin an Trotsky's principal antagonists in the 1905 St. Petersburg Soviet. He an aa opponed the Soviet regime which came tae pouer in the hairst o 1917. He died the follaein year. Despite his vigorous an ootspoken opposeetion tae Lenin's poleetical party in 1917, Plekhanov wis held in heich esteem bi the Communist Pairty o the Soviet Union follaein his daith as a foondin faither o Roushie Marxism an a filosofical thinker.

Georgi Plekhanov
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BornGeorgi Valentinovich Plekhanov
29 November 1856(1856-11-29)
Gudalovka, Tambov Govrenorate, Imperial Roushie
Died30 Mey 1918(1918-05-30) (aged 61)
Terijoki, Finland