George Douglas-Hamilton, 10t Yerl o Selkirk

Group Caiptain George Nigel "Geordie" Douglas-Hamilton, 10t Yerl o Selkirk, KT, GCMG, GBE, AFC, AE, PC, QC (4 Januar 1906 – 24 November 1994) wis a Scots nobleman an Conservative politeecian.

The Yerl o Selkirk

10thEarl of Selkirk.jpg
First Laird o the Admiralty
In office
14 Januar 1957 – 14 October 1959
Precedit biThe Viscoont Hailsham
Succeedit biThe Laird Carrington
Chancellor o the Duchy o Lancaster
In office
20 December 1955 – 13 Januar 1957
Prime MeenisterAnthony Eden
Harold Macmillan
Precedit biThe Yerl o Woolton
Succeedit biCharles Hill
Personal details
Born4 Januar 1906
Dee'd24 November 1994
Spoose(s)Audrey Sale-Barker
Militar service
AllegianceUnitit Kinrick
Service/branchRyal Air Force
RankGroup Captain
CommandsNo. 603 (Ceety o Edinburgh) Squadron (1934–38)
Battles/warsSeicont Warld War
AwairdsOfficer o the Order o the Breetish Empire
Air Force Cross
Mentioned in Despatches (2)
Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
New govrenment
Succeedit bi
The Lord Hawke
Precedit bi
The Laird Cherwell
Title next held by
Walter Monckton
Precedit bi
The Viscount Woolton
Chancellor o the Duchy o Lancaster
Succeedit bi
Charles Hill
Precedit bi
Quintin Hogg
First Laird o the Admiralty
Succeedit bi
The Laird Carrington
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Alfred Douglas-Hamilton
Yerl o Selkirk
Succeedit bi
James Douglas-Hamilton