George Arliss

George Arliss (10 Aprile 1868 – 5 Februar 1946) wis an Inglis actor, author, playwricht an filmmakker wha foond success in the Unitit States. He wis the first Breetish actor to win an Academy Awaird, as well as bein the earliest-born actor tae win ane.

George Arliss
George Arliss color1.jpg
BornAugustus George Andrews
10 Apryle 1868(1868-04-10)
Lunnon, Ingland, UK
Died5 Februar 1946(1946-02-05) (aged 77)
Lunnon, Ingland, UK
Cause o daith
ThriftActor, author, playwricht, filmmakker
Years active1887–1943
Hauf-marrae(s)Florence Kate Montgomery Smith (1899–1946)