Greek alphabet

(Reguidit frae Gamma)

The Greek alphabet haes been uised tae write the Greek leid syne the 8t century BC.[2]

Greek alphabet
Time period
c. 800 BCE – present[1]
Parent systems
Child seestems
ISO 15924Grek, 200
Unicode alias


Letter Name Soond
Auncient[3] Modren[4]
Α α alpha, άλφα [a] [] [a]
Β β beta, βήτα [b] [v]
Γ γ gamma, γάμμα [ɡ] [ɣ] ~ [ʝ]
Δ δ delta, δέλτα [d] [ð]
Ε ε epsilon, έψιλον [e] [e]
Ζ ζ zeta, ζήτα [zd]A [z]
Η η eta, ήτα [ɛː] [i]
Θ θ theta, θήτα [] [θ]
Ι ι iota, ιώτα [i] [] [i]
Κ κ kappa, κάππα [k] [k] ~ [c]
Λ λ lambda, λάμδα [l] [l]
Μ μ mu, μυ [m] [m]
 A Or [dz].[5]
Letter Name Soond
Auncient[3] Modren[4]
Ν ν nu, νυ [n] [n]
Ξ ξ xi, ξι [ks] [ks]
Ο ο omicron, όμικρον [o] [o]
Π π pi, πι [p] [p]
Ρ ρ rho, ρώ [r] [r]
Σ σ/ς[6] sigma, σίγμα [s] [s]
Τ τ tau, ταυ [t] [t]
Υ υ upsilon, ύψιλον [y] [] [i]
Φ φ phi, φι [] [f]
Χ χ chi, χι [] [x] ~ [ç]
Ψ ψ psi, ψι [ps] [ps]
Ω ω omega, ωμέγα [ɔː] [o]


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