The Gambie River (umwhile kent as the River Gambra) is a major river in Wast Africae, runnin 1,120 kilometres (700 mi)[1] frae the Fouta Djallon plateau in north Guinea wastward throu Senegal an the Gambie tae the Atlantic Ocean at the ceety o Banjul. It is navigable for aboot hauf that lenth.

Gambie River
River gambia Niokolokoba National Park.gif
Gambie River in the Niokolo-Koba Naitional Pairk
Kintra Guinea, Senegal, The Gambie
Soorce Fouta Djallon
Mooth Atlantic Ocean
 - location Banjul
 - coordinates 13°28′N 16°34′W / 13.467°N 16.567°W / 13.467; -16.567Coordinates: 13°28′N 16°34′W / 13.467°N 16.567°W / 13.467; -16.567
Lenth 1,120 km (696 mi)
Cairt o the Gambia River drainage basin


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