Fureidis (an aa Freidis) is an Israeli Arab toun in the Haifa Destrict o Israel. It receivit local cooncil status in 1952.


  • פֻרֵידִיס
  • فريديس
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259P̄ureidis
Fureidis seen frae Heich-gate 4
Fureidis seen frae Heich-gate 4
Fureidis is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°35′47.55″N 34°57′2.16″E / 32.5965417°N 34.9506000°E / 32.5965417; 34.9506000Coordinates: 32°35′47.55″N 34°57′2.16″E / 32.5965417°N 34.9506000°E / 32.5965417; 34.9506000
Destrict Haifa
 • TeepLocal cooncil
 • Total2.69 km2 (1.04 sq mi)
 • Total10,000
 • Density3,700/km2 (9,600/sq mi)



Fureidis wis established in the 19t century. The name is believit tae come frae the Arabic (firdawis), meanin little Gairden o Eden, borraeed frae the Persie pairadise.[1] In 1859, the Inglis consul Rogers estimatit the population tae be 200, who cultivatit 18 feddans o laund. Bi 1880s, The Survey o Western Palestine describit the place as a veelage o mud an stane at the fuit o the hill, wi a well tae the sooth.[2] Fureidis is ane o the few Arab veelages on Israel’s coast left intact efter the 1948 war.[3]



As o the census o 2008, Fureidis haed 10,800 residents, o which 99.6% wur Muslim.[4]



Accordin tae data released bi the Israeli Meenistry o Education based on a 2008 census o heich schuil matriculation scores, Fureidis haed a 75.85% eligibility rate, greatly exceedin the accomplishments o maist Jewish touns. The naitional eligibility rate in 2008-2009 wis 44.4 percent o aw 17-year-aulds. Fureidis wan third place in the naitional rankin. Hossni Abu Dahash, the toun's heich schuil principal, said the schuil haed organisit a marathon study program tae prepare 12t graders for thair matriculation exam.[5]

Airchaeological findins

View o Fureidis

In Dizember 1999, a cave abuin the auld pairt o Fureidis on the wastren slope o the Carmel wis foond tae contain fragments o pig frae the Chalcolithic period, includin lairge bynes, jaurs, ossuar fragments an a fauch pink limestane pendant. It appears tae hae been uised as a dwellin an a buirial cave. The airtifacts in the cave attest tae the presence o a dounset frae the pre-Ghassulian period.[6]

Peace activism


Ibtisam Mahammed o Fureidis wis awairdit the Dalai Lama's Unsung Heroes o Compassion prize for her efforts tae promote peace atween Arabs an Jews.[7] For mony year, Mahammed haes been organisin Jewish an Arab weemen's circles tae promote dialogue. She heids several weemen's peace organisations an haes focht on behauf o battered weemen in Arab society.[7]

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