(Centre) Jet d'eau, (Geneva, Switzerland) Clockwise frae tap richt (1) Fontaine de Trevi (Roum) (2) Place de la Concorde (Paris) (3) Funtain in the Gairden o Versailles (Versailles) (4) The Hunder Funtains, Villa d'Este (Tivoli, Italy) (5) Fuente de los Leones, (The Alhambra, Granada)} (6) Funtain in St. Peter's Square (Roum) (7) Samson an the Lion funtain (Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Roushie) (8) Dubai Funtain (Dubai)

A funtain (frae the Laitin "fons" (genitive "fontis"), a soorce or spring) is a piece o airchitectur which poors watter intae a basin or jets it intae the air tae supplee drinkin watter an/or for a decorative or dramatic effect.