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Fritz Pregl (in Slovene an aa Friderik Pregl) (3 September 1869 – 13 December 1930), wis a Slovenie an Austrick chemist an pheesician frae a mixed Slovene-German-speakin backgrund. He wan the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1923 for makin important contreibutions tae quantitative organic microanalysis, ane o which wis the improvement o the combustion train technique for elemental analysis.

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Fritz Pregl
Fritz Pregl.jpg
Born 3 September 1869(1869-09-03)
Ljubljana, Austrick Hungary
Died 13 December 1930(1930-12-13) (aged 61)
Graz, Austrick
Citizenship Austrick-Hungary
Alma mater Varsity of Graz
Kent for Microelemental analysis
Awairds Lieben Prize (1914)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1923)
Scientific career
Fields Chemistry, medicine
Doctoral advisor Wilhelm Ostwald
Emil Fischer