Friedrich, Hereditary Prince o Baden-Durlach

Friedrich, Hereditary Prince o Baden-Durlach (7 October 1703 – 26 Mairch 1732) wis a German hereditary prince o the Margraviate o Baden-Durlach. He became heir apparent when his aulder brither Karl Magnus, Hereditary Prince o Baden-Durlach died in 1712.

Hereditary Prince o Baden-Durlach
Huber, Friedrich von Baden-Durlach.JPG
Born7 October 1703(1703-10-07)
Dee'd26 Mairch 1732(1732-03-26) (aged 28)
Noble faimilyHoose o Zähringen
Spoose(s)Amalie o Nassau-Dietz
FaitherCharles III William, Margrave o Baden-Durlach
MitherMagdalena Wilhelmine o Württemberg


On 3 Julie 1727, Friedrich mairit Amalie o Nassau-Dietz (born 13 October 1710, died 17 September 1777), the dochter o John William Friso, Prince o Orange.


  1. Charles Frederick, Grand Duke o Baden (22 November 1728 - 10 Juin 1811), Margrave an later Duke o Baden.
  2. William Ludwig (born 14 Januar 1732, died 17 December 1788)