Friedrich, Duke o Mecklenburg-Grabow

Friedrich, Duke o Mecklenburg, Prince o Grabow (13 Februar 1638 – 28 Apryle 1688) He wis the son o Adolf Frederick I, Duke o Mecklenburg-Schwerin an his seicont wife Marie Katharina, a dochter o Julius Ernst, Duke o Brunswick-Dannenberg. A younger son, he wis niver meant tae rule ower Mecklenburg-Schwerin. His faither awarded him an appanage o the toun o Grabow wi the rank o Prince.

Duke Friedrich o Mecklenburg
Prince o Grabow
Born13 Februar 1638(1638-02-13)
Dee'd28 Apryle 1688(1688-04-28) (aged 50)
BuiriedSchelfkirche, Schwerin[1]
Noble faimilyMecklenburg (Schwerin branch)
Spoose(s)Christine Wilhelmine o Hesse-Homburg
FaitherAdolf Frederick I, Duke o Mecklenburg-Schwerin
MitherMarie Katharina o Brunswick-Dannenberg


  1. Frederick William, Duke o Mecklenburg-Schwerin (28 Mairch 1675 – 31 Julie 1713) mairit Sophie Charlotte o Hesse-Kassel (Julie 16 1678 – Mey 30 1749), dochter o Charles I, Landgrave o Hesse-Kassel
  2. Charles Leopold, Duke o Mecklenburg-Schwerin (26 November 1678 – 28 November 1747) mairit Tsarevna Catherine o Roushie (sister o Empress Anna); thair dochter wis Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna o Roushie, mither o Ivan VI o Roushie.
  3. Christian Ludwig II (15 Mey 1683 – 30 Mey 1756) mairit Duchess Gustave Caroline o Mecklenburg-Strelitz
  4. Sophie Louise (16 Mey 1685 – 29 Julie 1735) mairit Frederick I o Proushie.