French Wikipaedia

The French Wikipaedia (French: Wikipédia francophone, Wikipédia en français) is the French-leid edeetion o the free online encyclopaedia Wikipaedia. This edeetion wis startit in Mairch 2001, an haes aboot 2,253,000 airticles as o October 2020, makin it the fowert-lairgest Wikipaedia oweraw, efter the Inglis-leid, Dutch-leid, an German-leid edeetions. It wis an aa the third edeetion, efter the Inglis Wikipaedia an German Wikipaedia, tae exceed 1 million encyclopaedia airticles. In 2008, the French encyclopaedia, Quid, canceled its 2008 edeetion, citin fawin sales on competition frae the encyclopaedia.[1]

Favicon o Wikipaedia French Wikipaedia
Main page o the French Wikipaedia
Teep o steid
Internet encyclopaedia project
Available inFrench
AwnerWikimedie Foondation
Launched23 Mairch 2001

Accordin tae a 2013 Oxford Internet Institute, Varsity o Oxford study, Ségolène Royal (FR) an unidentified flyin object (objet volant non identifié) wur the maist controversial airticles on the French Wikipaedia.[2]


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