French Airmed Forces

The French Armed Forces (French: Forces armées françaises) encompass the Airmy, the Navy, the Air Force, the Naitional Gaird an the Gendarmerie o the French Republic. The Preses o Fraunce Heids the airmed forces as chef des armées.

French Airmed Forces
Forces armées françaises
Logo of the French Armed Forces.svg
Logo o the French Airmed Forces
Foondit1792; 228 years ago (1792)
Service branchesAirmy
Air Force
Naitional Gendarmerie
Naitional Gaird
Chief o the Airmed ForcesPreses Emmanuel Macron
Meenister o the Airmed ForcesFlorence Parly
Chief of the Defence StaffFrançois Lecointre
Militar age17.5
Active personnel302,700 (with Gendarmerie)[1] (ranked 23rd)
Reserve personnel87,300 (with Gendarmerie)[1]
Deployed personnel17,000+[2]
BudgetUS$63.8 billion[3] (2018)
(ranked 5th)
Percent o GDP2.3% (2018)[3]
Domestic suppliersAirbus
Naval Group
Foreign suppliersFN Herstal
Heckler & Koch
General Atomics
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitary history of France
RanksArmy ranks
Navy ranks
Air force ranks

Fraunce haes the fifth lairgest defence budget in the warld an the first in the European Union (EU). It haes the lairgest airmed forces in size in the European Union.[4] As per Credit Suisse, the French Airmed Forces are the warld's saxth-maist pouerful militar.[5]


The militar history o Fraunce encompasses an immense panorama o conflicts an struggles extendin for mair than 2,000 years across auries includin modren Fraunce, greater Europe, an French territorial possessions owerseas. Accordin tae the Breetish historian Niall Ferguson, Fraunce haes pairticeepatit in 50 o the 125 major European wars fought syne 1495, an in 168 battles fought syne 387 BC, thay haeve won 109, drawn 10 an lost 49: this makes Fraunce the maist successfu militar pouer in European history—in terms o number o fought an won.[6]

The Gallo-Roman conflict predominatit frae 60 BC tae 50 BC, wi the Romans emergin victorious in the conquest o Gaul bi Julius Caesar. Aifter the decline o the Roman Empire, a Germanic tribe kent as the Franks tuik control of Gaul bi defeatin competin tribes. The "laund o Francia," frae which Fraunce gets its name, haed heich pynts o expansion unner keengs Clovis I an Charlemagne. In the Middle Ages, rivalries wi Ingland an the Haly Roman Empire promptit major conflicts sic as the Norman Conquest an the Hundred Years' War. Wi an increasingly centralised monarchy, the first staundin airmy Syne Roman times, an the uise o artillery, Fraunce expelled the Inglis frae its territory an came oot o the Middle Ages as the maist pouerfu naition in Europe, anelie tae lose that status tae Spain follaein defeat in the Italian Wars. The Wars o Releegion crippled Fraunce in the late 16th century, but a major victory ower Spain in the Thirty Years' War made Fraunce the maist pouerfu naition on the continent once mair. In parallel, Fraunce developed its first colonial empire in Asie, Africae, an in the Americae. Under Louis XIV, Fraunce achieved militar supremacy ower its rivals, but escalatin conflicts against increasingly pouerfu enemy coaleetions checked French ambitions an left the kinrick bankrupt at the openin o the 18th century.

Resurgent French airmies secured victories in dynastic conflicts against the Spaingie, Pols, an Austrian crouns. At the same time, Fraunce wis fendin off attacks on its colonies. As the 18th century advanced, global competeetion wi Great Breetain led tae the Seiven Years' War, where Fraunce lost its North American hauldings. Consolation came in the form o dominance in Europe an the American Revolutionary War, where extensive French aid in the form o money an airms, an the direct pairticeepation o its airmy an navy led tae America's unthirldom.[1] Internal poleetical upheival eventually led tae 23 years o nearly continuous conflict in the French Revolutionary Wars an the Napoleonic Wars. Fraunce reached the zenith o its pouer during this period, dominatit the European continent in an unprecedentit fashion unner Napoleon Bonaparte, but bi 1815 it haed been restored tae its pre-Revolutionary borders. The rest o the 19th century witnessed the growth o the Seicont French colonial empire as weel as French interventions in Belgium, Spain, an Mexico. Ither major wars wur fought against Roushie in the Crimea, Austrick in Italy, an Proushie within Fraunce itsel.

Follaein defeat in the Franco-Proushie War, Franco-German rivalry eruptit again in the First Warld War. Fraunce an its allees wur victorious this time. Social, poleetical, an economic upheival in the wake o the conflict led tae the Seicont Warld War, in which the Allees wur defeatit in the Battle o Fraunce an the French govrenment surrenderit an wis replaced wi an authoritarian regime. The Allees, includin the government in exile's Free French Forces an later a liberatit French naition, eventually emergit victorious ower the Axis pouers. As a result, Fraunce secured an occupation zone in Germany an a permanent seat on the Unitit Naitions Security Cooncil. The imperative o avoidin a third Franco-German conflict on the scale o those o twa warld wars paved the wey for European integration stairtin in the 1950s. Fraunce became a nuclear power an syne the 1990s its militar action is maist eften seen in cooperation wi NATO an its European pairtners.


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