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Frederick I, Haly Roman Emperor

Frederick I (German: Friedrich I, Italian: Federico I; 1122 – 10 Juin 1190), an aw kent as Frederick Barbarossa (Italian: Federico Barbarossa), wis the Haly Roman Emperor frae 1155 till his daith. He wis electit Keeng o Germany at Frankfurt on 4  Mairch 1152 an crouned in Aachen on 9 Mairch 1152.

Frederick Barbarossa
Friedrich I. Barbarossa.jpg
A gowden bust o Frederick I, gien tae his godfaither Count Otto o Cappenberg in 1171. It wis uised as a reliquary in Cappenberg Aibey an is said in the deed o the gift tae have been made "in the likeness o the emperor".
Haly Roman Emperor
Ring 2 Januar 1155 – 10 Juin 1190
Coronation 18 June 1155, Rome
Predecessor Lothair III
Successor Henry VI
Keeng o Italy
Ring 1155–1190
Coronation c. 1155, Pavia
Predecessor Conrad III
Successor Henry VI
Keeng o Germany
formally Keeng o the Romans
Reing 1152–1190
Coronation 9 Mairch 1152, Aachen
Predecessor Conrad III
Successor Henry VI
Keeng o Burgundy
Ring 1152–1190
Coronation 30 Juin 1178, Arles
Born 1122
Dee'd 10 Juin 1190 (aged 67–68)
Saleph River, Cilician Armenie
Buirial Kirk o St Peter, Antioch
Hoose Hohenstaufen
Faither Frederick II, Duke o Swabie
Mither Judith o Bavarie
Releegion Roman Catholicism