Liszt in Mairch 1886, photographed fower months afore his daith bi Felix Nadar

Franz Liszt (born Franz Joseph Liszt) (German pronunciation: [ˈfʁants ˈlɪst]; Hungarian: Liszt Ferencz, in modren uisage Liszt Ferenc, pronoonced [ˈlist ˈfɛrɛnt͡s];[n 1] 22 October 1811 – Julie 31, 1886) wis a proleefic 19t-century Hungarian componer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, muisic teacher, arranger, organist, philanthropist, author, naitionalist an a Franciscan tertiary.

Liszt gained renawn in Europe in the early nineteenth century for his prodigious virtuosic skill as a pianist. He wis a friend, muisical promoter an benefactor tae mony componers o his time, includin Frédéric Chopin, Richard Wagner, Hector Berlioz, Robert Schumann, Camille Saint-Saëns, Edvard Grieg, Ole Bull, Joachim Raff, Mikhail Glinka, an Alexander Borodin.[1]

A prolific componer, Liszt wis ane o the maist prominent representatives o the New German School (Neudeutsche Schule). He left ahint an extensive an diverse bouk o wark that influenced his forrit-leukin contemporaries an anticipatit 20t-century ideas an trends. Amang Liszt's muisical contreibutions war the symphonic poem, developin thematic transformation as pairt o his experiments in muisical form, an radical innovations in hermony.[2]


  1. Liszt's Hungarian passport spelt his gien name as "Ferencz". An orthographic reform o the Hungarian leid in 1922 (which wis 36 years efter Liszt's death) chynged the letter "cz" to simply "c" in aw wirds except surnames; this has led tae Liszt's gien name bein rendered in modren Hungarian uisage as "Ferenc". Frae 1859 tae 1867 he wis offeecially Franz Ritter von Liszt; he wis creatit a Ritter (knicht) bi Emperor Francis Joseph I in 1859, but never uised this teetle o nobility in public. The teetle wis necessary tae mairy the Princess Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein withoot her losin her privileges, but efter the mairiage fell throu, Liszt transferred the teetle tae his uncle Eduard in 1867. Eduard's son wis Franz von Liszt.


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