Frank País

Cuban revolutionary
This airticle is aboot the Cuban revolutionar. For the internaitional airport, see Frank País Airport. For the municipality in Cuba, see Frank País, Cuba.

Frank País (7 Dizember 1934 – 30 Julie 1957) wis a Cuban revolutionar who campaigned for the owerthrow o General Fulgencio Batista's government in Cuba. País wis the urban coordinator o the 26t o Julie Movement, an wis a key organizer athin the urban unnergrund muivement, collaboratin wi Fidel Castro's guerrilla forces which wur conductin activities in the Sierra Maestra muntains.[1] País wis killed in the streets o Santiago de Cuba bi the Santiago polis on 30 Julie 1957.[2][3]

Frank País
Born7 December 1934(1934-12-07)
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Died30 Julie 1957(1957-07-30) (aged 22)
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Kent forInvolvement in the Cuban Revolution


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