Francisco Goya

(Reguidit frae Francisco de Goya)
This name uises Spaingie namin customs; the first or paternal faimily name is Goya an the seicont or maternal faimily name is Lucientes.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes[upper-alpha 1] (Spaingie: [fɾänˈθisko xoˈse ðe ˈɣo.ʝä i luˈθjentes]; 30 Mairch 1746 – 16 Aprile 1828) wis a Spaingie romantic penter an prentmakker. He is conseedert the maist important Spaingie artist o late 18t an early 19t centuries an throuoot his lang career wis a commentator an chronicler o his era. Immensely successfu in his lifetime, Goya is eften referred tae as baith the last o the Auld Masters an the first o the modrens. He wis an aa ane o the great portraitists o modren times.[1]

Francisco Goya
Autorretrato de Goya (1795).jpg
Sel-portrait, c. 1796-97. Museo del Prado, Madrid
Born30 Mairch 1746(1746-03-30)
Fuendetodos, Aragon, Spain
Died16 Apryle 1828(1828-04-16) (aged 82)
Bordeaux, Fraunce
Kent forPentin, drawin


  1. The paternal family name is Goya, the seicont or maternal faimily name is Lucientes


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