Infante Francisco de Asís o Spain, Duke o Cádiz

(Reguidit frae Francis, Duke o Cádiz)

Infante Francisco de Asís o Spain, Duke o Cádiz (Francisco de Asís María Fernando; 13 Mey 1822 – 17 Aprile 1902), wis the husband o Queen Isabella II o Spain an king consort frae 1846 tae 1868. He is commonly styled Duke o Cádiz, the teetle he held before his mairiage. He wis the son o Infante Francisco de Paula, Duke o Cádiz, the youngest uncle o Isabella II, an Princess Luisa Carlotta o the Twa Sicilies, the aunt o Isabella, making him a double first cousin tae Isabella.

Francisco de Asís o Spain
Duke o Cádiz
Francis King consort of Spain.jpg
Photograph bi Herbert.
Keeng Consort o Spain
Tenur10 October 1846 – 30 September 1868
Born13 Mey 1822(1822-05-13)
Ryal Pailace, Aranjuez, Spain
Dee'd17 Apryle 1902(1902-04-17) (aged 79)
Château d'Épinay-sur-Seine, Fraunce
BuirialEl Escorial
SpouseIsabella II o Spain
Full name
Francisco de Asís María Fernando de Borbón y Borbón
HooseBourbons o Spain
FaitherInfante Francisco de Paula o Spain
MitherLuisa Carlotta o the Twa Sicilies
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Francis of Assisi, King of Spain (Order of Charles III Version).svg


  1. Infanta Isabel o Spain, Princess o Asturias 20 December 1851 – 22 April 1931) mairit Prince Gaetan o the Twa Sicilies, Coont o Girgenti but haed nae issue.
  2. Alfonso XII o Spain (28 November 1857 – 25 November 1885) mairit (1) Mercedes o Orléans but haed nae issue, mairit (2) Maria Christina o Austrick an haed issue.
  3. Infanta María del Pilar o Spain (6 Aprile 1861 - 8 Mey 1879) niver mairit an haed nae issue.
  4. Infanta María de la Paz o Spain (23 Juin 1862 – 4 December 1946) mairit Prince Ludwig Ferdinand o Bavarie an haed issue.
  5. Infanta Eulalia o Spain 12 Februar 1864 – 8 Mairch 1958) mairit Infante Antonio, Duke o Galliera an haed issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 13 Mey 1822 – 10 October 1846 His Ryal Highness The Duke o Cádiz.
  • 10 October 1846 – 30 September 1868 His Majesty The King.
  • 25 Juin 1870 – 17 Aprile 1902 His Majesty King Francisco o Spain

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