Françoise de Mailly

Françoise de Mailly (1688–1742), wis a French noblewoman wha served as the dame d'atours tae queen Marie Leszczyńska in 1731–1742 as well as a Leddy-in-waitin. She wis born the dochter o Louis de Mailly (1663–1699) an Anne Marie Francoise de Sainte-Hermine. She mairit Louis Phélypeaux, Marquis o La Vrillière on 1 September 1700, but wis widowed in 1725. On 14 Juin 1731 she mairit Paul de La Porte, Duke Mazarin, but he died efter three month.

Françoise de Mailly
Marquise o La Vrillière
Full name
Françoise de Mailly
Born30 August 1688
Dee'd11 September 1742 (aged 54)
Spoose(s)Louis Phélypeaux, Marquis o La Vrillière
FaitherLouis de Mailly
MitherAnne Marie Françoise de Sainte-Hermine

She wis appointed dame d'atour tae queen Marie Leszczyńska 25 August 1731, succeeding her mither. She became the queen's personal friend an favourite among the leddies-in-waitin alongside Marie Brûlart. She introduced her son, Louis Phélypeaux, Coont o Saint-Florentin, at coort, where he became state secretary. She disliked her granddochter Louise Julie de Mailly position as ryal mistress, an died in the middle o an intrigue tae replace her granddochter as ryal mistress wi her younger granddochter, Marie Anne de Mailly.