François Marie de Broglie, Duke o Broglie

François Marie de Broglie, Duke o Broglie (11 Januar 1671 – 22 Mey 1745) wis a French nobleman, military leader an later the 1st Duke o Broglie frae 1742. He wis also created a Marshal o Fraunce in 1734 bi Keeng Louis XV.

François Marie de Broglie
Duke o Broglie
Portrait of François Marie de Broglie, Duke of Broglie, Marshal of France (member of the circle of Hyacinthe Rigaud).jpg
Full name
François Marie de Broglie
Born11 Januar 1671
Broglie, Fraunce
Dee'd22 Mey 1745 (aged 74)
Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Thérèse Gillette Locquet
FaitherVictor Maurice de Broglie
MitherMarie de Lamoignon
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He mairit Thérèse Gillette Locquet (1646-1713) on 18 Februar 1716 in Saunt Malo, an they haed childer.


  1. Victor François de Broglie, Duke o Broglie (19 October 1718 – 30 Mairch 1804)
  2. Charles François de Broglie (20 August 1719 - 16 August 1781), Prince o Broglie, "Marquis o Ruffec" mairit Louise Augustine de Montmorency.
  3. Marie Thérèse de Broglie (11 Mey 1732 - 9 Mey 1819) mairit Louis Charles de Lameth (1723-1761) haed issue.
  4. Charles de Broglie (17 November 1734 - 20 September 1777) never mairit, wis bishop o Noyon.