François Joseph de Noailles, Prince o Poix

François Joseph de Noailles, Duke o Mouchy (François Joseph Eugène Napoléon; 25 December 1866 – 8 Mey 1900) wis a french nobleman an a member o the powerful Noailles faimily. He wis the 10t Prince o Poix but did nae suceed tae his faither's teetle o Duke o Mouchy. He wis the anly son o Antonin de Noailles, Duke o Mouchy an his wife Princess Anne Murat dochter o Prince Lucien Murat.

François Joseph de Noailles
Prince o Poix
Full name
François Joseph Eugène Napoléon de Noailles
Born25 December 1866
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd8 Mey 1900 (aged 33)
Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimilyo Noailles
Spoose(s)Marie Isabelle Dubois
Henri Antoine Marie, Duke o Mouchy
Charles, Viscoont o Noailles
Philippine, Princess o Ligne
FaitherAntonin de Noailles
MitherAnne Murat


On 29 Juin 1889 he mairit Madeleine Marie Isabelle Dubois (1870–1944).


  1. Henri Antoine Marie de Noailles, Duke o Mouchy (9 Aprile 1890 – 1 November 1947) mairit Marie de La Rochefoucauld an haed issue.
  2. Arthur Anne Marie Charles de Noailles, Viscoont o Noailles 26 September 1891 – 28 Aprile 1981) mairit Marie Laure de Noailles an haed issue.
  3. Antoine Henri Alexis Marie de Noailles (1893)
  4. Philippine Marie Cécile Douce de Noailles (1898–1991) mairit Eugène de Ligne, (11t) Prince o Ligne an haed issue.

François Joseph Eugène Napoléon de Noailles