Flying Scotsman (train)

The Flying Scotsman is an express passenger train service that haes operatit atween Edinburgh an Lunnon, the caipitals o Scotland an Ingland via the East Coast Main Line.

Flying Scotsman
Flying Scotsman - Nicola Sturgeon and David Horne.jpg
91101 at Edinburgh Waverley in October 2015
Service teepPassenger train
First service1862 (service)
1924 (name)
Current operator(s)Virgin Trains East Coast
Umwhile operator(s)East Coast
National Express East Coast
InterCity East Coast
British Rail
London & North Eastern Railway
EndLondon King's Cross
Distance travelled392 miles
Average journey time4 oors
Service frequencyDaily
Train nummer(s)1E01
Line uisedEast Coast
Rowin stockInterCity 225
Operatin speed125 mph