Fisht Olympic Stadium

Fisht Olympic Stadium ([Олимпийский стадион «Фишт», Olimpiyskiy stadion "Fisht"] error: {{lang-xx}}: text haes italic markup (help)) is an open-air stadium in Sochi, Roushie. Locatit in Sochi Olympic Pairk an named efter Munt Fisht, the 40,000-person capacity stadium wis biggit primarily for the 2014 Winter Olympics an Paralympics, servin as the Olympic stadium, the venue for thair openin an closin ceremonies.

Fisht Olympic Stadium
LocationSochi, Roushie
Coordinates43°24′08″N 39°57′22″E / 43.4022667°N 39.9561111°E / 43.4022667; 39.9561111Coordinates: 43°24′08″N 39°57′22″E / 43.4022667°N 39.9561111°E / 43.4022667; 39.9561111
AwnerGovrenment o Roushie (Olympstroy)
Capacity47,659 FIFA Mode
40,000 Olympic Mode[1]
Construction costUSD $ 779 million
AirchitectPopulous,[2] Buro Happold


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