First Cooncil o Nicaea

The First Cooncil o Nicaea (/nˈsə/; Greek: Νίκαια [ˈni:kaɪja]) wis a cooncil o Christian bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia bi the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325.

First Cooncil o Nicaea
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Cooncil o Nicea
Date20 Mey tae 19 Juin, AD 325
Acceptit bi
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First Cooncil o Constantinople
Convoked biEmperor Constantine I
PresesHosius o Corduba (an Emperor Constantine)[1]
Attendance318 (tradeetional nummer)
250–318 (estimates) — only five from Western Church
TopicsArianism, the naitur o Christ, celebration o Passover (Easter), ordination o eunuchs, prohibeetion o kneelin on Sundays an frae Easter tae Pentecost, validity o baptism bi heretics, lapsed Christians, sundry ither matters.[2]
Documents an statements
Oreeginal Nicene Creed,[3] 20 canons,[4] an a synodal epistle[2]
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils


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