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The First Balkan War (Bulgarie: Балканска война, Greek: Α΄ Βαλκανικός πόλεμος, [Први балкански рат Prvi Balkanski rat] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), Turkis: Birinci Balkan Savaşı), which lasted frae October 1912 tae Mey 1913, comprised actions o the Balkan League (Serbie, Greece, Montenegro an Bulgarie) against the Ottoman Empire.

First Balkan War
Pairt o the Balkan Wars
Balkanskata voina Photobox.jpg
Clockwise frae tap richt: Serbie forces enterin the toun o Mitrovica; Ottoman truips at the Battle o Kumanovo; The Greek keeng an the Bulgarie tsar in Thessaloniki; Bulgarie hivy artillery
Date8 October 1912 – 30 Mey 1913
(7 months, 3 weeks and 1 day)
LocationBalkan Peninsula
Result Balkan League victory; Treaty o Lunnon; Seicont Balkan War
 Ottoman Empire

Balkan League:

Commanders an leaders
Ottoman Empire Mehmed V
Ottoman Empire Nazım Pasha,
Ottoman Empire Zeki Pasha,
Ottoman Empire Esad Pasha Surrendered
Ottoman Empire Kölemen Abdullah Pasha,
Ottoman Empire Ali Rıza Pasha,
Ottoman Empire Hasan Tahsin Pasha Surrendered
Ottoman Empire Enver Pasha
Kinrick o Bulgarie Ferdinand I
Kinrick o Bulgarie Mihail Savov
Kinrick o Bulgarie Ivan Fichev,
Kinrick o Bulgarie Vasil Kutinchev,
Kinrick o Bulgarie Nikola Ivanov,
Kinrick o Bulgarie Radko Dimitriev,
Kinrick o Bulgarie Stiliyan Kovachev
Kinrick o Bulgarie Georgi Todorov
Kinrick o Serbie Peter I
Kinrick o Serbie Radomir Putnik,
Kinrick o Serbie Petar Bojović,
Kinrick o Serbie Stepa Stepanović,
Kinrick o Serbie Božidar Janković
Kinrick o Greece George I
Kinrick o Greece Croun Prince Constantine,
Kinrick o Greece Panagiotis Danglis,
Kinrick o Greece Pavlos Kountouriotis
Kinrick o Montenegro Keeng Nicholas I
Kinrick o Montenegro Prince Danilo Petrović,
Kinrick o Montenegro Mitar Martinović,
Kinrick o Montenegro Janko Vukotić
336,742 men initially[2] Bulgarie 350,000+,[3]
Serbie 230,000 men,[4]
Greece 125,000 men,[5]
Montenegro 44,500 men[6]
Tot: 749,500+
Casualties an losses

Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire:
50,000 killed
100,000 woondit
115,000 captured
75,000 dead o disease

Tot: 340,000 dead, woondit or capturt

Kinrick o Bulgarie Bulgarie:[8]
8,840 killed
4,926 missing
36,877 woondit
10,995 deceased

Kinrick o Greece Greece:[9]
2,373 killed in action or died o woonds
9,295 woondit
1,558 dead o disease or accidents (incl. 2nd Balkan war)

Kinrick o Serbie Serbie:
5,000 killed
18,000 woondit[10]
6,698 dead of disease

Kinrick o Montenegro Montenegro:[7][11]
2,430 killed
6,602 woondit
406 dead o disease

Tot: at least c. 108,000 dead or woondit


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