Ferdinand Buisson

Ferdinand Édouard Buisson (December 20, 1841 Paris - Februar 16, 1932 Thieuloy-Saint-Antoine) wis a French academic, eddicational bureaucrat, pacifist an Radical-Socialist (left liberal) politeecian. He presidit ower the League o Eddication frae 1902 tae 1906 an the Human Richts League (LDH) frae 1914 tae 1926. In 1927, the Nobel Peace Prize wis awairdit tae him jyntly wi Ludwig Quidde.

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Ferdinand Édouard Buisson
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Born20 December 1841(1841-12-20)
Paris, Fraunce
Died16 Februar 1932(1932-02-16) (aged 90)
Thieuloy-Saint-Antoine, Fraunce
Kent forNobel Peace Prize in 1927