Federal republic

federation o states wi a republican form o govrenment

A federal republic is a federation o states wi a republican form o govrenment.[1] At its core, the leeteral meanin o the wird republic when uised tae reference a form o govrenment means: "a kintra that is govrened bi electit representatives an bi an electit leader (such as a preses) rather nor bi a keeng or queen".


Federal state Offeecial name an style Subdiveesions Heid o state
  Argentinae Argentine Republic Provinces an ane autonomous ceety Preses
  Austrick[2] Republic o Austrick States Preses
  Bosnie an Herzegovinae[3] Bosnie an Herzegovinae Entities, Cantons an ane federal Destrict Collective presidency
  Brazil[4] Federative Republic o Brazil States an ane federal destrict Preses
  Comoros Union o the Comoros Autonomous islands Preses
  Ethiopia[5] Federal Democratic Republic o Ethiopie Regions Preses
  Germany[6] Federal Republic o Germany States Preses
  Indie[7] Republic o Indie States an territories Preses
  Iraq Republic o Iraq Provinces Preses
  Mexico[8] Unitit Mexican States States an ane federal destrict Preses
  Micronesie Federatit States o Micronesie States Preses
    Nepal[9] Federal Democratic Republic o Nepal Development regions Preses
  Nigerie[10] Federal Republic o Nigerie States an ane federal territory Preses
  Pakistan[11] Islamic Republic o Pakistan Provinces Preses
  Russia[12] Roushie Federation Federal subjects Preses
  Somalie Federal Republic o Somalie Regions Preses
  Sooth Sudan Republic o Sooth Sudan States Preses
  Sudan Republic o the Sudan States Preses
   Swisserland[13] Swiss Confederation Cantons Federal cooncil
  Unitit States[14] Unitit States o Americae States an ane federal destrict Preses
  Venezuela[15] Bolivarian Republic o Venezuela States, ane caipital destrict an federal dependencies Preses


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