Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Eternal Tears of Sorrow (commonly abbreviated to EToS) is a Finnish melodic daith metal baund formed in Pudasjärvi in Northren Ostrobothnie, Finland. Romantic leerics an soft keybuird melodies shaw gothic metal influence.


Full-length albumsEedit



  • The Seven Goddesses of Frost - (Mey 1994)
  • Bard's Burial - (October 1994)

Pre-EToS demosEedit

  • The Fourth Dimension - (as Andromeda, Mey 1992)
  • II (unfinished demo) - (as Andromeda, August 1992)
  • DWN (instrumental demo) - (as D.W.N., Juin 1993)
  • Beyond the Fantasy - (as M.D.C., October 1993)

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