Emperor Wenxuan o Northren Qi

Emperor Wenxuan o (Northren) Qi ((北)齊文宣帝) (526–559), personal name Gao Yang (高洋, Wade–Giles: Kao Yang), coortesy name Zijin (子進), wis the first emperor o the Northren Qi.

Emperor Wenxuan o Northren Qi
Ring9 Juin 550[1][2] – November 25, 559
Dee'd25 November 559[3][1]
Full name
Era name and dates
Tīanbǎo (天保): 9 Juin 550 – 12 Februar 560[1][5]
Posthumous name
Emperor Wénxuān (文宣皇帝) ("ceevil an responsible"), briefly Emperor Jǐngliè (景烈皇帝) ("decisive an achievin") (565–570)
Temple name
Xiǎnzu (顯祖), briefly Wēizōng (威宗) (565–570)
DynastyNorthren Qi


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