Emperor Taizu o Song

This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Zhao.

Emperor Taizu o Song (21 Mairch 927[2] – 14 November 976)[3] personal name Zhao Kuangyin, coortesy name Yuanlang, wis the foonder an first emperor o the Song dynasty in Cheenae.

Emperor Taizu o Song
Song Taizu.jpg
Pailace portrait on a hangin scrowe, kept in the Naitional Pailace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Emperor o the Song dynasty
Ring4 Februar 960[1] – 14 November 976
CoronationFebruar 960
SuccessorEmperor Taizong
BornZhao Kuangyin
21 Mairch 927(927-03-21)
Luoyang, Later Tang (present-day Luoyang, Henan, Cheenae)
Dee'd14 November 976(976-11-14) (aged 49)
Bianjing, Song Empire (present-day Kaifeng, Henan, Cheenae)
BuirialGongyi, Henan, Cheenae
Era dates
Jianlong (建隆; 4 Februar 960 – 3 December 963)
Qiande (乾德; 4 December 963 – 15 December 968)
Kaibao (開寶; 16 December 968 – 21 January 977)
Posthumous name
Qiyun Liji Yingwu Ruiwen Shende Shenggong Zhiming Daxiao Huangdi
Temple name
Taizu (太祖)
HooseHoose o Zhao
FaitherZhao Hongyin
MitherLady Du
Emperor Taizu o Song
Leeteral meanin"Great Progenitor o the Song"
Zhao Kuangyin
Traditional Chinese趙匡胤
Simplified Chinese赵匡胤


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