Emperor Guangwu o Han

Emperor Guangwu (born Liu Xiu; 15 Januar 5 BC – 29 Mairch 57),[2] coortesy name Wenshu, wis an emperor o the Cheenese Han dynasty, restorer o the dynasty in AD 25 an sicweys foonder o the Later Han or Eastren Han (the restored Han Dynasty).

Liu Xiu
Portrait o Emperor Guangwu frae Sancai Tuhui
Emperor o the Eastren Han Dynasty
Ring5 August 25[1] – 29 Mairch 57
Predecessornane, Gengshi Emperor as Emperor o Yuan Han
SuccessorEmperor Ming
Born13 Januar 5 BC
Jiyang Coonty, Chenliu Commandery, Han Empire
Dee'd29 Mairch 57 (aged 62)
Luoyang, Han Empire
Full name
Faimily name: Liu (劉)
Gien name: Xiu (秀)
Coortesy name: Wenshu (文叔)
Era dates
Jianwu (建武): 25–56
Jianwuzhongyuan (建武中元): 56–58
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Guangwu (光武帝)
Full: Emperor Guangwu (光武皇帝)
Temple name
Shizu (世祖)
DynastyEastren Han
FaitherLiu Qin (劉欽)
MitherLady Fan
Emperor Guangwu o Han
Traditional Chinese漢光武帝
Simplified Chinese汉光武帝
Leeteral meanin"The Bricht an Martial Emperor o Han"


  1. Proclaimed himsel emperor on 5 August 25, but wis nae in control o the hale o China till 25 December 36 whan the last eety escapin his control, Chengdu, surrendered tae his airmy.
  2. Bielenstein, 245.