Zhao Bing (12 Februar 1272 – 19 Mairch 1279), an aw kent as Emperor Bing o Song or Bing, Emperor o Song (宋帝昺),[notes 1] wis the 18t an last emperor o the Song dynasty in Cheenae.

Zhao Bing
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Emperor o the Song dynasty
Ring10 Mey 1278 – 19 March 1279
Coronation10 Mey 1278
PredecessorEmperor Duanzong
SuccessorSong dynasty endit bi Kublai Khan
BornZhao Bing
12 Februar 1272
Lin'an, Song Empire (present-day Hangzhou, Zhejiang)
Dee'd19 Mairch 1279 (aged 7)
Yamen, Guangnan East Circuit, Song Empire (present-day Xinhui, Guangdong)
BuirialShekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Cheenae
Era dates
Xiangxing (祥興; 1278–1279)
HooseHoose o Zhao
FaitherEmperor Duzong
MitherConsort Yu
Zhao Bing
Traditional Chinese趙昺
Simplified Chinese赵昺
Leeteral meanin"Glorious Zhao"
Emperor Bing o Song


  1. Note that the "Bing" refers tae the emperor's personal gien name. It is not a temple name (uisually endin wi -zu or -zong) unlik ither Song emperors sic as Emperor Duanzong, Emperor Duzong, Emperor Taizu, etc.