Elisabeth Auguste o Neuburg

Elisabeth Auguste o Neuburg (Elisabeth Auguste Sofie; 1693–1728) wis the anly surviving child o Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine. The Neuburg line became extinct with her faither an wis succeeded bi the Sulzbach branch. Her sons with Count Palatine Joseph Charles o Sulzbach would have been the indisputable heirs tae the Electorate o the Palatinate, but they all died in infancy. She wis the Hereditary Princess o Sulzbach bi mairiage.

Elisabeth Auguste o Neuburg
Hereditary Princess o Sulzbach
Elisabeth auguste sofie von der Pfalz.jpg
Born17 Mairch 1693(1693-03-17)
Brzeg, Poland
Dee'd30 Januar 1728(1728-01-30) (aged 34)

Saunt Michael's Kirk, Munich
SpouseCoont Palatine Joseph Karl o Sulzbach
Issue7, including:
Elisabeth Auguste o Sulzbach
Maria Francisca o Sulzbach
FaitherCharles III Philip, Elector Palatine
MitherLudwika Karolina Radziwiłł


  1. Karl Philipp o Sulzbach, Hereditary Prince o Sulzbach ( 1718–1724)

Innocenza Maria o Sulzbach (1719–1719)

  1. Elisabeth Auguste o Sulzbach (1721–1794), mairit Karl Theodor, Elector o Bavarie.
  2. Maria Anna o Sulzbach (1722–1790), mairit Clement, Duke o Bavarie an Coont Palatine
  3. Maria Francisca o Sulzbach (1724–1794), mairit Frederick Michael, seicont son o Christian III, Duke o Zweibrücken an haed issue.
  4. Coont Palatine Karl Philipp August, Hereditary Prince o Sulzbach (1725–1728)
  5. A son (1728–1728)