Elizabeth Alexeievna (Luise o Baden)

Empress o Roushie bi mairiage tae Emperor Alexander I o Roushie

Elizabeth Alexeievna Luise o Baden (Luise Marie Auguste; 13/24 Januar 1779 – 4 Mey/16 Mey 1826) wis, later known as Elizabeth Alexeievna (Russian: Елизавета Алексеевна) born Princess Luise o Baden wis Empress o Roushie bi mairiage tae Emperor Alexander I o Roushie.

Elizabeth Alexeievna
Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna by Vigee-Le Brun (1795, Castle of Wolfsgarten).jpg
Portrait of the Tsaritsa Elizabeth Alexeievna bi Madame Lebrun.
Empress consort o Roushie
Tenur24 Mairch 1801 – 1 December 1825
Coronation15 September 1801
Born24 Januar 1779(1779-01-24)
Karlsruhe Pailace, Karlsruhe, Baden
Dee'd16 Mey 1826(1826-05-16) (aged 47)
Belyov, Roushie
SpouseAlexander I o Roushie
IssueGrand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexandrovna
FaitherCharles Louis, Hereditary Prince o Baden
MitherAmalie o Hesse-Darmstadt
ReleegionRussian Orthodox
prev. Lutheranism
Coat of Arms of Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna of Russia (Order of Maria Luisa).svg


On 28 September 1793, Princess Luise mairit Grand Duke Alexander o Roushie. He wis a son o Paul I o Roushie, an a grandson o Catherine the Great. Upon mairiage she wis styled as Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeievna o Roushie. They haed twa daughters but they did nae srvive intae adulthood. At the imperial coort o Roushie she haed a good relationship with her sister-in-law Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna o Roushie, wife o Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich o Roushie.


  1. Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna o Roushie (29 Mey 1799 – 8 Julie 1800)
  2. Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexandrovna o Roushie (15 November 1806 – 12 Mey 1808)

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