Elisabeth o Austrick (1526–1545)

Airchduchess Elisabeth o Austrick (Pols: Elżbieta Habsburżanka; 9 Julie 1526 – 15 Juin 1545) wis a Queen consort o Poland. She wis a dochter o Ferdinand I, Haly Roman Emperor, and his wife Anne o Bohemie an Hungary. A member o the Habsburgs o Austrick, she wis mairit off tae Sigismund II Augustus, who was already crowned as Keeng o Poland and Grand Duke o Lithuanie even though both o his parents were still alive an well. The marriage wis short an unhappy. Elisabeth wis o frail health, suffering frae epilepsy, an died aged 18

Elisabeth o Austrick
Anonymous Elizabeth of Austria.jpg
Queen consort o Poland
Grand Duchess o Lithuanie]]
Tenur5 Mey 1543 – 15 Juin 1545
Coronation8 Mey 1543
Born9 Julie 1526
Dee'd15 Juin 1545(1545-06-15) (aged 18)
Buirial24 Julie 1545
Vilnius Cathedral
SpouseSigismund II Augustus
HooseHabsburgs o Austrick (birth)
Jagiellon (mairiage)
FaitherFerdinand I, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherAnna o Bohemie an Hungary