Elisabeth Therese o Lorraine

Elisabeth Therese o Lorraine (Élisabeth Thérèse; 15 October 1711 – 3 Julie 1741) was born a Princess of Lorraine and wis the last wife o Charles Emmanuel III o Sardinie. She wis a sister o The sister of Francis Stephan, Duke o Lorraine (later Francis I, Haly Roman Emperor). She died in childbirth.

Elisabeth Therese o Lorraine
So-called portrait of Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine, Queen of Sardinia with her son Carlo Francesco, Duke of Aosta.jpg
The Queen Elisabeth Therese with her eldest son the Duke o Aosta bi an unknown artist.
Queen consort o Sardinie
Tenure1 Aprile 1737 – 3 Julie 1741
Born15 October 1711(1711-10-15)
Château de Lunéville, Lorraine
Dee'd3 Julie 1741(1741-07-03) (aged 29)
Pailace o Venaria, Turin
Ryal Basilica, Superga,  Turin
SpouseCharles Emmanuel III o Sardinie
IssueCarlo, Duke o Aosta
Princess Maria Vittoria Margherita
Benedetto, Duke o Chablais
Full name
Élisabeth Thérèse de Lorraine
HooseLorraine (bi birth)
Savoy (bi mairiage)
FaitherLeopold Joseph o Lorraine
MitherÉlisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans


There were plans for Princess Elisabeth Therese tae mairy Louis d'Orléans, Duke o Orléans but he refused. Eventually she would mairy Keeng Charles Emmanuel III o Sardinie. The mairit bi proxy on 5 Mairch 1737 at Lunéville with the Prince o Carignan, who was the prince's brither-in-law, acting as the king. The day after the proxy mairiage, she left for Lyon where she arrived on 14 Mairch. Her brither the Duke o Lorraine raised a dowry for her an the mairiage contract wis signed in Vienna bi the Duke an Duchess o Lorraine an Emperor Charles VI.

The couple mairit in person on 1 Aprile 1737. Charles Emmanuel III wis her first cousin, his mither being Anne Marie d'Orléans, her mither Élisabeth Charlotte's half-sister. She an her husband arrived in Turin on 21 Aprile. They haed three childer.


  1. Prince Francesco Maria Augusto o Savoy, Duke o Aosta (1 December 1738 – 25 Mairch 1745) died young.
  2. Princess Maria Vittoria Margharita o Savoy (22 Juin 1740 – 14 Julie 1742) died young.
  3. Prince Benedetto o Savoy, Duke o Chablais (21 Juin 1741 – 4 Januar 1808) mairit Princess Maria Anna o Savoy, nae issue.


Queen Elisabeth Therese (Elisabetta Teresa) died at the Pailace o Venaria aged 29, having fallen ill with puerperal fever after childbirth. She wis buried in the Cathedral o Saunt Giovanni Battista in Turin. She was moved tae the Ryal Basilica o Superga in 1786 bi her stepson Victor Amadeus III.

Titles an stylesEedit

  • 15 October 1711 – 1 Aprile 1737 Princess Elisabeth Therese o Lorraine.
  • 1 Aprile 1737 – 3 Julie 1741 Her Majesty the Queen o Sardinie.

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