El-Tor ([الطور Aṭ Ṭūr] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)), an aa transliterated as Al-Tur an At-Tur an kent as Tur Sinai, formerly Raithu, is the caipital o Sooth Sinai Govrenorate of Egyp, locatit at the Sinai Peninsula. The name o the ceety comes frae the Arabic name o the muntain where the prophet Moses received the tablets frae God; this muntain is cawed Jabal Al Tor.


الطور (in Arabic)
El-Tor is located in Egypt
Location in Egyp
Coordinates: 28°14′30″N 33°37′20″E / 28.24167°N 33.62222°E / 28.24167; 33.62222
Kintra Egyp
GovrenorateSooth Sinai
4 m (13 ft)
 • Total32,877
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
Area code(s)(+20) 65

The El Tor strain o cholera wis discovered there in 1905. It wis a quarantine camp for Pilgrims returnin frae Hajj.

The Raithu desert is situatit aroond El-Tor, atween Saunt Catherine an the Red Sea. It is pairt o the Archdiocese o Munt Sinai an Raithu o the Orthodox Kirk o Jerusalem. The "Martyrs o Raithu" wur 43 anchorites slain bi Nomadic Tribes in the Romans Era o Diocletian. Christian monks fleein persecutions haed been present syne the 3rd century, an the Raithu monastery (or Rutho) wis commissioned in the 6t century bi Byzantine emperor Justinian. The latter wis proposed as a UNESCO Warld Heritage site on November 1st, 1994 in the Cultural category[1].



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