Eduard Bernstein

Eduard Bernstein (6 Januar 1850 – 18 December 1932) wis a German social democratic poleetical theorist an politeecian, a member o the Social Democratic Pairty (SDP), an the foonder o evolutionary socialism, social democracy, an reveesionism. Bernstein haed held close association tae Karl Marx an Friedrich Engels, but he saw flaws in Marxist thinkin an began tae creeticize views held bi Marxism when he investigatit an challenged the Marxist materialist theory o history.[1] He rejectit signeeficant pairts o Marxist theory that war based upon Hegelian metapheesics; he rejectit the Hegelian dialectical perspective.[2]

Eduard Bernstein
Bernstein Eduard 1895.jpg
Born6 Januar 1850(1850-01-06)
Schöneberg, Germany
Died18 December 1932(1932-12-18) (aged 82)
Berlin, Germany
Kent forFoonder o evolutionary socialism (democratic socialism), social democracy an reveesionism (reformism)


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